Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time for Another Blogfest, Coming Saturday, June 12th

Okay, it is time to get unstuck. I never not have words. And today, I had none. Spooky. Eerie. Scary. Freak-Ed Me Out.

After entering a couple of blogfests, I connected with some really great writers and as a result my reading list got overwhelmingly huge. Then, between blogging, reading yours, three part-time jobs and my manuscript, suddenly there was no time. So I stopped blogging a couple of weeks ago. And I stopped reading blogs.

The next thing I know, my manuscript is grinding to a halt. Because That Rebel is where I come to sharpen my pencil and my writing skills. And it's apparently where I come to whet my writing whistle. So, duh!

Tonight I threw in the towel and peeked over Eric and Roland's way. Eric was posting about editing and how not to get published and getting unstuck. Roland was posting words of wisdom given by Churchill and other genius writing ghosts and almost allayed one of my big fears about sharing pieces and parts of my manuscript. He also reminded me that we never know who might be out there reading our words and hanging on by the hair of their chinny-chin-chins.

So apparently my writerly prayers had been heard. Because they were certainly answered.

I left their houses and whipped out my manuscript. And moved it forward a wee bit further. I can even see where it's going again. Big Phew!

I'm at around 13700 words and am vowing right now to push that OUT of the 13k mark tomorrow. Not Saturday. Not Sunday. Tomorrow. My lips to God's ear. And yours.

I also clicked over to check out the upcoming Blogfests, something else I had abandoned to free up time. The next one is Saturday, June 12th, hosted by Slushpile Slut. And this one has to do with titles, The Next Top Title Blogfest.

So I will be sharing the title of my book. With no logline or backstory. And you'll 'get to give me your impression as to what the title invokes for you' according to the rules as set forth by our Stilleto Queen.

Come back by on Saturday for my title. And click over to Slushpile Slut's house to read all the other entries and to enter your own.

On that final note, I'll leave you with your very own, big, big, BIG pile of gold and one of my favorite all-time movie songs. Which kinda fits with where my novel sits right now...


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Olivia, this post deserved a dozen comments at least. Sorry, I have been tardy in visiting my blog friends.

A good friend is dying, and I am spending as much of my free time as I can with her, trying to be as wise and strong as she believes me to be. I even had to step back from Matt's critique group.

That said : that my words helped you in your writing struggles means more than I can say.

KELLY'S HEROES has always been one of my favorite movies, too.

There is a seed dreaming inside you. Water it with reading, fertilize it with determination, and it will produce a harvest that will surprise you.

Always your friend, Roland

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Thanks, Roland. I didn't know about your friend, my thoughts are with you and with her. It seems the older I get, the more people I lose. I know it's their gain, but my it's our loss. It never gets easier.

"There is a seed dreaming inside you. Water it with reading, fertilize it with determination, and it will produce a harvest that will surprise you." Beautiful imagery and sound advice combined. I will follow it.

Thanks, friend.

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