Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking of Changing the Subtitle of my Blog, Your Thoughts Requested

I'm thinking of changing the subtitle of my blog to: Adventures of a Southern-Fried Earth Angel rather than: Musings of a Southern-Fried Earth Angel.

Any thoughts, votes, queries, posers???


Kelila Heller said...

Hi Olivia

I just read through several of your posts and love your blog! Hiking waterways and falls is one of my very favorite things to do!

Great to hear you are settled in and loving life on the east coast!

Lee Keaton said...

The content will probably always trump the title. I like your current sub-title. But since you ask .............Meanderings of a , journey(ies) of a ,revelations of a ,exploits of a , traveling with a , the rear view mirror of a , the mind's eye of a , sharing life with a , traveling the road (trails) with a , footprints of a , trailblazing with a , pilgrimage of a, the list is endless just as are your talents.
blessings always, lee

Unknown said...

Hey Olivia, I've decided I like "musings" because it makes me think that you are writing your inner thoughts, things we might not get to read about otherwise. I really appreciate everything you do write, because even though I am your sister, this gives me insight into your heart and sometimes just day to day visiting doesn't always allow time for that. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, so no matter the title I look forward to the next time you write. Love you, Cherry

Ivy Bliss said...

I've always been partial to the word "muse" in all its forms. But if you do decide to change, I'll still read your blog! :)

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