Saturday, January 5, 2019

Handling Positive, Monumental, Life Changing Events

Welcome to 3000 Questions About Me. Or rather, About You. The rules are, if you stay to read, you have to promise to answer the questions yourself. You can share* with us if you so choose. Or you can not share, too. That's entirely up to you. But do read the comments, if any are there. That's often the best part.✨

Today is Saturday, and as I'm making this game up as we go, I'm declaring Saturday as a Bonus Day. An extra question that I'm pulling out of a hat. Or rather, out of my, um, my ask.

First off, I am exhausted. Not so much physically, though there is that, too. But mentally and emotionally. Like that sucked-dry feeling you get when riding a high—running on adrenaline and excitement and endorphins—and then wham bang, you crash.

It has been a whirlwind week, and not that many days since I made the decision to self-publish Awen Rising. After setting the release date and sharing my news with family and Twitter, holy WOW! The momentum yanked me up and slung me forward, which is a blessing and a curse. While long awaited, the reality has left me reeling. Which brings us to the question.

Bonus Question #1: How do you handle positive, monumental, life-changing events?


I don't have to look in the rear-view mirror for this question. I'm living one now, walking on air, mind going ninety miles-an-hour, looking at the world from the clouds. It's better than sex, and a LOT better than drugs or alcohol. Chocolate? Who needs chocolate? I'm going to be published. AND SOON.

But I've been pushing too hard. Staying up too late. Getting up too early. Not eating enough. Hence, the crash and burn.

But that's kinda my cycle. Run like crazy, hit the wall like Wile E. Coyote, slide down it and lay crumpled in a heap. Only my second-favorite cartoon character is more resilient than I. He leaps up and chases after his quarry with another hair-brained magnificent idea. I, on the other hand, must wallow a while and am slower to rise and dust myself off.


Negative life-changing events I handle the same, only it's easier and faster to recover from the positive ones. The negatives linger. Sometimes for years.

This afternoon, post day-job, I saw Bohemian Rhapsody. The opening chords had me in tears before the picture appeared. Happy tears. Sad tears. Tears for a tortured soul—and not just Freddie's. If you grew up in the seventies, or even if you didn't, I recommend seeing it, just take tissue. But you'll clap for Queen and want to sing along. And your chest will swell with pride. And for two and a quarter hours, you will dwell in remembrance of a time that was simpler, yet more complicated.

While I miss those times, and my fleeting, fleeing youth, I am grateful we have the music, the books, and the movies to remind us. We were young once. And still are, in our minds.

How do you handle positive, monumental, life-changing events?

Please leave your answers in the comments below and read what others have to say. And don't forget to check back on Monday to play another round of 3000 Questions About Me. Tomorrow I'm making room for writing time, most likely entering edits for Awen Storm.

~ That Rebel, Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré

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O.J. Barré is author of the upcoming Awen trilogy, an urban druid fantasy set in 2042 steeped in current, ancient, and future history twists. Book One, Awen Rising, will be released October 1, 2019. Book Two, Awen Storm, is currently in edits. And the first draft of Book Three, Awen Tide, is in process.

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