Sunday, January 9, 2011

Country Strong

Yesterday I rose early to a clear sky and warm temps, the predicted ice storm still working its way across the country. Ahh. No hurries. No worries. No storms in sight. I was leaving for Dahlonega to stay ahead of the storm, but had time to meander and enjoy the respite.

First stops were two prospective offices in Villa Rica. Both have potential, both have drawbacks, both could work for me to see patients.

In Atlanta I stopped at Trader Joe's, my favorite California store that has (thankfully) landed in swanky Buckhead. Then north on Hwy 400 at the Home Goods store in Cumming, I spent an imaginary $1,500 on fun and funky furnishings for the new (yet still imaginary) office. If you've never done this, do. I kept a running tally of my 'purchases' and snapped pictures of each item with my cell. What a blast!

At the local Walmart, Dawsonvillians were scurrying to buy up milk, baloney, bread and bananas, a predictable phenomenon before any winter storm.

The final stop was Dawson Cinemas, where I met a friend to see Country Strong, a movie I wouldn't have chosen. But my, my, my, my, MY.

Gwyneth rocked. As did the other two singer/actors, Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester. AND the soundtrack.

The story is sweet. Not perfect. But sweet. And heartbreaking in its eerily accurate depiction of the devastating effects of untreated alcoholism, addiction and depression.

All in all, watching Country Strong was not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, watching pretty faces with the voices of angels burn up the big screen. While eating popcorn. Thumbs up from both me and my companion.

Stepping out of the theater just before dark we were greeted by frigid air driven on a biting wind. At 7:30 this morning it was 15 degrees, we'll not see the warm side of freezing today. Snow is expected around midnight, followed quickly by freezing rain.

As for me? I'm staying warm. Dry. Home. Fiddling with my blog format and working on the latest manuscript. Thinking about a nap.

But I promise. We have emergency rations: candles, gas heat, well water, plenty of food. I won't forget to toss out seed and food scraps for the wild critters and birds. We're all set. Ready. We'll ride out the weather, as long as it's here for only a while.

If it's the arrival of the Ice Age? Well. I'll see all yall on the other side.

Love and joy, Olivia J. Herrell

Here's Gwyneth Paltrow singing "Country Strong


The Words Crafter said...

I love imaginary shopping. And decorating. And reading NY Times bestseller columns where I'm in the top ten :)

Got my bread and milk and peanut butter and jelly.

If it does come our way, be safe!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I thought it was :

To err is human; to rebel is Luciferian." Just joshing.

Having had my childhood mangled with untreated alcoholism and depression of my father, I stay clear of movies or books with those.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I know Gwyneth Paltrow enjoyed making it. She suffered severely from post-partum depression until her husband told her feelings were not normal, and they both needed to seek help from professionals.

I do something similar to your dream shopping. I fantasize on what I would do upon having won the lottery! LOL. Have a great Sunday. Roland


I too dream of winning the lottery,
I enjoyed your post and found it pleasurable to read.
Hope the weather is ok with you.


Jemi Fraser said...

Glad you're all tucked in nice and cosy before the storm - hope you stay safe and warm :)

Jules said...

I dream of winning the lottery and having someone else shop for me :) You be safe Rebel, I pray you keep power and stay tucked in. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Angela said...

If money is a curse, then I say: "cure me!"

Karen Walker said...

I loved this movie. But I'm into all things singing. I agree with your assessment - sweet and heartbreaking. Glad your all tucked - keep safe.

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Words Crafter, me too! I swear I immediately clicked over to your blog to see if you'd hit the bestseller list, lol! Yes! Not only is it possible, soon we really WILL be checking the lists to see our books up there!

Roland, no. Divine! :) I typically don't see those kinds of movies, either. But it's only a small part of this one and handled quite tastefully. You'd be fine. Promise.

Yvonne, I'm so glad.

Jemi, thanks!

Jules, you too!

Angela, yes!

Karen, thanks so much, you too.


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I saw the same movie last weekend with my daughter. I had mixed feelings for the story, but I loved the music. I thought Garrett Hedlund did a remarkable job acting and singing. I just might have to pick up the soundtrack because of him.

Stay safe and warm. :)

Jayne said...

Waiting w/much anticipation for the first flakes to flutter up north. I love the way the cool fluff quiets the day, even if school is closed and the kids are home. After it's all settled, we strap on our cross-country skis and cut tracks through the crystal blanket. No better way to enjoy it!
Stay warm down there!

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