Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Blogfesting

I just discovered and entered two more Blogfests for the month of June.

The first is hosted by Tina Sandoval, of Sweet Niblets and it's a Bad Boy Blogfest, yaahoo! I have just introduced a real bad boy to my manuscript and am in need of developing his badness, so this gives me a deadline. The Bad Boy Blogfest is slated for June 20th.

The second is being hosted by Kristen, at Take It As It Comes. Hers is The Bickering Blogfest and it's on my birthday, June 30th. My word count goal is 20,000 by that date, which means another, hmm, only 3515 words! Wow. Maybe I should up my word goal to, say, 22,000? I mean, it's a goal, right??

Anyway, these should be fun-filled fests. I'll undoubtably meet some great new writers, get some excellent feedback on scenes from my novel, push my manuscript forward, get out of my comfort zone, and hopefully get a few more followers to boot.

Win/win/win, right?

BTW, I am apparently finding out about both of these rather late but, if you haven't already, go on over to Tina and Kristen's websites and enter your own scenes for their blogfests.

Oh Yes! And thank you to Suzie, the Writer Junkie, for the link over to the blogfests so that I could find them!

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Writer Junkie said...

You're welcome, Olivia. :)

I'm most anticipating Tina's Bad Boy Blogfest and Tessa's Blogfest of Death... ;) I know... I'm slightly twisted. It's okay, though. :)

If you happened to stumble across any other blogfests that I don't have posted could you let me know? I've become quite obsessed with them. Thankfully I don't join every one I come across - yet - but I like to know when they are in case I change my mind. :)

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