Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Blog No Longer Fits, Now What?

I prefer to write in quiet these days, though this was not always the case. My muse is best heard with no interference, a lingering side-effect of the lost ability to multi-task. She whispers. That said I’m sitting in a cafe on the square in Dahlonega where the fare is sandwiches, ice cream and lattes.

The Picnic Café and Dessertery is exactly what I was looking for when chased from my home by a cacophony of hammers and saws. While a necessary annoyance that arrived yesterday and most likely will stay until tomorrow, the noise plays havoc on my ability to create. Even here, I’ve discovered I need ear plugs. It’s quite a busy place.

(The food is heavenly. Generous chunks of homemade chicken salad made with a mustard sauce and apricots is the main event, accompanied by crunchy, cheesy toast points, wedges of summer-ripe oranges, grapefruit and cantaloupe, a few squash rounds and finally, a warm poppy seed muffin. Mmmm. Life is good. My tummy and palate are happy.)

Similarly, I’m being chased from my Rebel home, though not, thank goodness, with hammers. It just doesn’t fit who I am anymore. My home needed a new roof after a tree crashed through it and my blog needs a revamp, an update. I’m a writer, after all, and nowhere in the title does it say this.

It says I’m a rebel, which I am, both by nature and by upbringing. It says I muse, and I do. It says I’m Southern and that I’m fried, both applicable. And it says that I’m an earth-angel, which is true, too. But it does not say that I’m a writer.

So this is where I need your feedback. I’m thinking of having a naming contest, a contest to name my blog. First place sees that name on my blog and credit for their bodacious creativity, plus a gift certificate to Amazon or some such. Second, third and fourth get more certs. Deadline maybe August 1? The specifics can be hammered out (hehe), but any input you have on those, too, would be helpful.

I’m also bumping up against 100 followers (or Beautiful People, now sitting at 74). From what I’ve read around Bloggertown, this is a good reason for a contest, and I could actually combine the two.

So I’m throwing it out there, to you all. What do you think? Should I have a contest? Would anybody show up, would you participate, would other people? Or is my idea to have a contest to name my blog totally lame? Send me some blog love, oh Exalted One, and skip down to the comments section and let me know.

Enjoy Michael Buble's Home while you're commenting, the accompanying video has some beautiful sunsets and beach scenes. This was playing as I left the cafe today.

Thanks a trillium! That Rebel, Olivia Herrell


The name is Ashelynn said...

I like the idea for the contest - AND YES, AMAZON. Or another book place. :D Books are good. *nods*

Eric W. Trant said...

I personally see nothing wrong with the name of your blog. Change it if you want, but I like it already. I love the Southern touch as I'm a Texas boy myself.

Now that you put your ~name~ up, that is! Olivia.


- Eric

Christi Goddard said...

Thanks for coming by! My contest post is from Sunday May 30th (in case the link doesn't work)


Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Guess I got my answer to THAT question. My blog, my problem. Or opportunity. No interest. No contest. K. Punt.

Eric and Ashelyne, thanks so much for showing up and for your input. You guys rock.


Writer Junkie said...

Sorry I'm just now getting over here.

It sounds like you already came to your decision, but I think it a contest for you blog name is a good idea.

Actually, if you tie to the contests together... blog name and 100 followers, you might get more of a turnout. contest instantly draws peoples attention. I, too, like the name "That Rebel with a Blog" but it reads more like a "personal" blog then a writer's blog.

When you're majority of followers are other aspiring (or published) authors, they tend to skim past "personal" type posts... unless the word contest is in the title. LOL! At least, that's how it seems in my limited opinion. My blogs that are more personal get far fewer replies then something blogfest or writer related.

So if your mind isn't totally made up, you might try both the Title contest and the followers contest on the same post. Like a two-parter.

Just my thoughts. :)

Writer Junkie said...

Ignore all the typos and extra words there! LOL!! Kids kept trying to talk to me while I was typing so I kept getting lost on where I was!!

Sorry! :)

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Suzie, thank you for your feedback. I think I will have a contest later on, definitely for 100 followers and maybe for the title too. I tweaked the subtitle to include the word Writing and my personal description as well. Thanks!

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