Friday, April 16, 2010

Technorati Listing

That Rebel with a Blog will soon be listed on Technorati! As part of that process, I'm posting my claim code: DWJB84M5BFNF here we come!!

I mentioned Technorati in an awards post awhile back after finding a reference to it in an article on the blogosphere. On my first pass through Technorati, I registered for an account, then despaired that my blog fit none of their categories. So I gave up. I shouldn't do technical stuff late at night, I'm not nearly as intrepid with blurry eyes and a daylogged brain. Nonetheless, last night, I got a Facebook message from my friend and fellow blogger, Ivy Bliss of every head i've head the pleasure to have met. She pointed me back to Technorati.

On closer inspection, I found that yes, I DO fit. We all do. So I 'claimed' my blog, Technorati's term for adding your blog to their extensive blog directory. I am now listed and it was relatively painless.

Technorati is a search engine/directory for blogs. This paragraph is an excerpt from their About page:

The leading blog search engine, indexes millions of blog posts in real time and surfaces them in seconds. The site has become the definitive source for the top stories, opinions, photos and videos emerging across news, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, sports, politics and business. tracks not only the authority and influence of blogs, but also the most comprehensive and current index of who and what is most popular in the Blogosphere.
So, to all my fellow bloggers, my friends and compatriots and those I've yet to meet in the blogosphere, check it out. Click over to and claim your blog, add yourself to that search engine in the blogosphere sky. There are people out there dying to read what you have to say. I just know it.

By the way, I got my confirming email this morning, I'm now listed in the Technorati directory. Yeehaa! Which merely means that when anyone searches on my keywords in Technorati, That Rebel with a Blog will be included in the search results. Will it make me famous? Who knows. It only takes one.

Lots of love, my fellow travelers...and a special thanks to the Sententious Vaunter, aka Postman. For asking.


A.T. Post said...

That's very cool! Congratulations! But what exactly IS Technorati?

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

P, I just edited the Technorati post to elaborate. I would've done it last night, but bed was calling. Go check it out, and get your blog listed, you're too good not to be there...

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